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Megasaur Slot

Would you like nothing more than to walk with ancient giants that once roamed the earth and love slot games? You’re in luck because the two were just merged in Megasaur, an online slot game of Jurassic proportions.

This ‘prehistoric’ game is an adventure style slot from Real Time Gaming which offers a number of great prizes for avid players, slot and dinosaur enthusiasts alike. If you have an eagle eye then all the better since you can win a number of great prizes just by spotting a couple of dinosaurs. These include the elusive Diplodocus, the Triceratops, a Velociraptor along with the absolutely vicious Red Megasaur, the dinosaur the slot machine is based on.

Their appetites can also trigger some really good bonus games as well such as Scattered Volcanoes, the Feature Guarantee among others that can result in a number of great payouts. So if you love dinosaurs and slots, then Megasaur will definitely not disappoint. 

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