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Slot Machine Myths

With the amazing amount of information available on the internet, it comes as no surprise that more than half of the things that one reads online are not true. Playing video slots at an online casino is a fun and lucrative experience. Do not let anyone make you believe otherwise.

Licensed slot machines, whether you play them online or in land based casinos, slots are a game of chance and therefore only luck controls winnings. If you sign up believing in some goofy myth that will lead to ultimate riches you will only be disappointed. As a player you can only set the bet and adjust your stakes. Other than that there is nothing anyone can do about the result of each spin on the reels.

Here is something that will make things easier for you. We scoured the internet and found out all the misinformation that has been flying around, some of the concepts listed below have even been discussed heavily as if they were pieces of accurate information.

Never Play With Your Slot Machine Club Card

Assuming that you will win less than you can otherwise is again just an assumption. The origins of this myth stem from the belief that casinos want to recoup the perks enlisted on the club card by making the bearer lose more. The reality is that casinos need to give promotional stuff, taking this away makes the whole brand loyalty concept invalid. In other words, casinos want to pay it.

The other truth is that slot machine software’s have no way to replace its random symbol generator just as they are alerted by when someone uses a casino club card.

There Are Particular Times during the Day That Are Better Than Others

This is not true. Casinos are never able to reprogram payout percentages of a game that quick or easily.  Plus why bother; there really is no point in making changes during hourly intervals. Players all around the world have access to online video slots 24/7. Reconfiguring this works in no one’s favor. There are also sites that claim that some weeks are better than others, or that payouts rise on special occasions and convention dates. In all cases none of this is true. There are no factors that affect your chances of winning.   

Casino Employees Know All About Loose Slots, Just Ask Them

There are people advising others left, right, and center that you should ask the casino employees which slot machines are the loose ones and offer to share your earnings with them if they disclose that information. Bartenders and cocktail waitresses, and even online customer support agents do not have any clue about the slot games with better chances of winning.

Pull the Lever, Forget the Spin Icon If You Want to Win It Big

By using the lever, all that you manage is to slow down your play. The function does not change your chances of winning at the reels. It is possible that pulling the lever lowers the average percentage of amount that you lose every hour, but this figure is almost negligible and therefore does not make any difference in your total winnings. 

Here is what happens: you are probably playing 400 spins every hour when you press the button because it is faster and you have more time on your hands to play additional spins. When you pull the lever, you slow down the play and lower the total number of spins to 350. The 50 bets you have not played is the amount that you have risked not losing in the game, that’s all.

You Can Do Nothing To Change Your Chances of Winning

In one game, no, but if you have an array of games, yes you can. It is up to you which sort of slot machines you choose to play. Each slot game has its own betting range, volatility rate, and payout percentage. It pays to research these before you start playing the game.

For instance, if you play a slot machine with higher denominations, you will have better odds playing that game than any other. On top of that never judge a game that has a lot of bonus features to be more lucrative than one with lesser features, the bonus rounds are all part of the gaming experience and are meant to entertain the player. You might however have a higher chance of losing a lower amount since bonus round spins take more time than normal spins do, which as common sense dictates that players don’t get a chance to bet as much.

There Needs to Be a Time Gap Before Between the Last Jackpot and the Next One

If you are aiming for the jackpot and you think that slot machine have due times to make a winning, then you are wrong. Slot machines do not become due for anything. Every spin at the slots is like a single roll of dice or a coin toss. The outcome of the game has nothing to do with the history of the game’s payout. Every single spin is like the toss of the coin. It is possible to make a win and then another one again in a row. Similarly it is possible that you don’t make a win either.

Winnings Vary From Casino to Casino

You can review the different deposit and welcome bonuses for signing up with a casino. However, the payout percentage for each game remains the same no matter which casino you plan on using to play that slot machine at.  

The Temperature of the Coins Matter As Well

Slots do not accept coins anymore but even if they did, the idea of a warm coin being a lucky one is the oldest and surprisingly most quoted myth out there.