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How do slot paylines work?

Do you want to understand slot machines better? Are you looking to gain more prizes for your winnings? Your prizes can significantly increase or decrease depending on the number of paylines you play with. The number of paylines on a slot machine can make all the difference regarding how profitable and expensive a game will be.

The number of paylines is also directly proportional to the number of times you can win on each spin. Therefore, before you start playing a slot machine game, it is very important to look at the number of total paylines and then to choose the right strategy.

So, How Do Paylines Work?

Paylines are the combination of icons appearing together that enable a player to win rewards. The payline intersects symbols on every reel running through the slot game. Each game has a different number of paylines. But they amount as one of the most important factors when it comes to slot machine games. In traditional casinos, there used to be only one payline in all slot machines.

The standard and usual fruit machines and armed bandits have three reels on one payline. The payline is the central place where you match the symbols to make a win. To date, the standard slot machines are the most commonly played games - both in real and virtual casinos!

However, the most advanced online slot games are powered by high-tech computer software and can feature a number of paylines as per your needs. The paylines provide you with a central line where you match symbols and win a prize.

Contemporary paylines can feature varying numbers of paylines including five or seven reels. The different paylines are then present in a straight line, and in some cases, on the central reel. They can be placed vertically, horizontally and even in zigzag lines over the reels.

The most common way to win on a tradition payline is by matching the symbols. However, when it comes to different paylines, there are also some other ways you can win the game. When you spin the reels, you get the potential to win with numerous combinations over multiple paylines. The winnings will be calculated and an accumulated amount will be added to your bankroll. Hitting multiple paylines on one spin will thus, help you in earning large sums of money in one go. The more lines you play, the more each spin will cost you!

Modern Slot Machines

Slots commonly have multiple paylines between the numbers 3 to 25. Some games also have 5,9,15 or 20 paylines. There are also some machines that feature as much as 243 or 1024 paylines.

The game becomes easier to play with multiple paylines as matching symbols present on adjacent reels will help you in obtaining additional prizes.

How Should You Bet On Different Paylines

When it comes to betting on paylines, you need to very cautious. It can have a huge impact on the prize you win, the risk you take and the overall bankroll you have. While betting on slots with multiple paylines, you need to be smart. If the total number of paylines is around 25, and you are putting your stake on one cent, each spin will be costing you 25 cents.

There are also different types of machines. In some of the machines, you have to play the full number of lines. However, in other machines, you can choose the right number for you! It is up to you to decide how many paylines can you play and how much are you willing to bet on each pay line.

There are also a lot of benefits of playing in multi payline slots. You can find the game easier, accumulate your profits and earn much more! However, there are also some drawbacks to multiple payline slots. If you decide to play on lesser paylines, your chances for winning the game will go down. But, each spin is also going to cost you less if you spend more!

Therefore, before you start a game- it is very important to know the exact number of paylines available to you and choose accordingly. You can also choose to increase or decrease the total amount you are going to put at stake on each payline. If you don’t want to lose your total bankroll, it is highly recommended that you make the above choices before you hit the spin button.

Playing With a Strategy

However, in most of the cases, you are going to get paid regardless of your decision.

If you want to be sure of getting all the wins and payouts, it is important to view the payable which is more often than not, located on the main gaming screen. Here, you can find paylines, winning combos and payout odds. You can also get the information on how to get some more wins on bonus events.

Be it an online game or a land based slot machine, you can play multi payline based slot machines with bonus symbols, scatter symbols, wild symbols, bonus games, multiplier symbols and others with an effective strategy. There is also a range of different special features found in multi payline slots including progressive jackpot features and free spins. Therefore, it is very important to follow specific strategic procedures to win the game!