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Slots Strategies - How it Works?

They may not seem like it, but slot machines work like any other casino game. Players get a random result each time they play and if they do win, the payouts may be less than their odds of winning. Casinos that own the slots actually have a mathematical advantage that is completely legal so if you lose, there is really nothing you can do about it than hope your luck kicks in. That’s because the payline symbols are chosen randomly and the math behind it keeps players at the machines hoping and praying they can land on a profitable combination.

However, the good news is that modern slot machines are quite different from the mechanical ones that used to be the bane of avid players. The latter was dependent on springs and tension to figure out where the reels would stop spinning but in the former, sophisticated electronic methods are at work which determine what results players will get.

How the RNG (Random Number Generator) Works

The RNG or Random Number Generator is the heart of the slot machine and it starts to work as soon as players push down on the handle. Its main job is to offer random numbers remaining between 0 and several million at a rate of either 300 or 500 per minute. Suffice it to say if this component stops working, so does the machine and it cannot be influenced by external factors or the casino. In other words, the numbers it generates will always be random giving players a fair chance at winning.

This is common in modern slot machines. When you place a bet and press down on the Spin button, the slot machine picks the values that are next in line from the Random Number Generator and makes them go through a complex program that determines the value of the reels. However, despite the fact that this process goes quickly, no slot machine is pre-programmed to pay out at a particular time. In other words, players can win or lose on any spin depending on their luck.

It’s over when the reels stop spinning

The Random Number Generator pre-determines where the reels are going to stop spinning at slot machines can just tell you how much players won if they are programmed to. The spinning reels are just to increase anticipation and to show what you picked. As mentioned before when the Spin button is pressed, the machine picks the next 5 numbers in line and then it stores them in memory. The first number it picks determines which symbol the first reel will land on and so on.

In order to determine these positions, the computer in the slot machine divides the random numbers it picks against a pre-determined value that is programmed in the machine. Most units comprise of standard values the most common being 64, 16 and 32 since units of 2 are easier to work out possible values from. Plus since the values outnumber the number of positions the reels can stop on, all of the reels have more than one number assigned to them. In other words, the slot machine can be altered if the numbers that are assigned to the reel positions are changed. Actually, this is the only way casinos can control the way the machines work.

Simple strategies that work

Some player prefer to play in nickels while others think using larger values such as quarters or dollar bills increase their chances of winning at slots. Advice varies on whether it is wise to max out on the number of coins or whether it is a better idea to keep game play slow and steady. It ultimately comes down to what your probability of winning is and the payout that is expected.

The results you get and whether you win or not depends on luck but you can increase your chances of winning with a few simple strategies. For one thing, while it might be tempting to keep playing when you are on a winning streak, it would be wiser to quit when you are ahead. Remember, the values are set at random so you might lose all of your winnings if you keep hitting losses and get frustrated. The best thing to do to avoid this scenario is to determine the amount you plan on winning and cash out as soon as you hit that target. Indulge in the buffet or try your luck at other casino games to increase your chances of winning more.

Dollar, nickel or quarter?

It stands to reason that the machines that boast higher denominations offer the best payouts so you will win more if you bet quarters instead of nickels or dollars instead of quarters. On the other hand, this strategy is a double edged sword; you can end up paying a lot more than you win for instance if you play for higher stakes so if you cannot afford it, do not bet more than you can win. Choose a level that you can have fun playing at and which can allow you to play throughout the set time limit.

Before deciding the amount you want to play, it would be a good idea to play per spin first and also keep in mind that in slot machines more is sometimes better. For instance if you play more than twice the number of coins and the machine gives twice the amount of the payout, you should play the maximum number of coins you can. You will have greater chances of winning the jackpot this way and the value will be greater than if you play single coins. If on the other hand, you only get equal value payouts for the amount you bet, it would be a better idea to play a single coin at a time and then cash out so your bankroll lasts longer.

Slot machines may look easy to play, but there are strategies at work in its programming that an informed player can take advantage of and win big as a result.