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What Are the Best Online Casinos for Real Money Slots?

Naming only one online casino wouldn’t be fair, as there are tons of casinos online, offering people with a chance to take home big money. Instead of directing you to play at only one online casino, you have a list of choices, ranked from one to seven. You can read about the online casino here, and then go play for real money on their site.

Are you afraid you will leave the site empty-handed? If this is one the reasons why you may be reluctant to visit an online casino site, you will be delighted after you hear this. This article doesn’t only discuss the top online casinos to play slot games, but it also discusses the associated with playing online slots.

Choose your casino or your moneymaking opportunity, read up on the strategies, keep them in mind, and head over to the online casino site to have the time of your life and possibly, walk away from your computer or mobile device a few dollars richer. To help you fill up your bank account with money, you need to select an online casino.

The Online Casinos You Should Eye

Are you hoping to play slots at an online casino? Of course, you are, as who doesn’t like the idea of easy money. That is exactly how a more serious and experienced slot player sees it. For them, it is all about spinning those reels to make excellent matches and open the floodgates to lucrative opportunities to make money.

A chance to make money at home is an idea most people love and if they enjoy spinning reels in real life, they will love the virtual version. However, they cannot go to just any online casino, as some of them may be only after your hard-earned money. For this reasons, you should only visit online casinos with a good reputation and a huge a fan base. To help you in your search to find the best online casinos to play slots, refer to this list:

  1. Aladdin’s Gold

    Aladdin’s Gold is a reputable online casino, which offers players with a variety of different slots machine games. The casino has been around several years and if you are an avid gambler, you may have already heard about the online casino.

    For players who haven’t visited the online site, they should, as it provides them with an opportunity to win a huge jackpot. Players can win anywhere from 5,000 coins to 8,000 coins. The jackpot amount differs from game to game.

    To attract new players to their casino, they hand out bonuses, which the player can claim immediately. The player receives a 200 percent deposit bonus amount upon signing up for the site. The casino processes the player’s winning in real time and offers their customers from all over the world with 24/7 customer service support. On numerous occasions, the site gives out promotional deals and offers.

  2. Bovada Casino

    Bovada Casino is a fully regulated and licensed online casino. Most players regard the casino as one of the best online casinos to play slots. When it comes to handing out bonuses and jackpots, the Bovada Casino doesn’t disappoint. The casino shows its generosity to player as soon as their sign up for the Bovada’s casino experience.

    The online casino allows new players to claim bonuses. They can claim a deposit match bonus worth about $500. Players can play other casino games besides slots if they want to increase their bankroll. Some of the slots players can try their luck at include A Switch in Time, A Day at the Derby, After Night Falls, All Aboard, Arrival, and many more.

  3. 888 Casino

    888 Casino has a network of dedicated online players who visit the online site, famous for its slots, regularly. The site manages to sustain its popularity amongst both old and new users because it allows them to play and test out their casino games for free. When players sign up, they will be able to claim and match 100 percent of their deposit.

    The online casino site provides players with several different deposit and cash out options to choose from, and this speeds up the process of the site depositing the player’s winnings in their account. The online casino has also won several awards in the past. They won the “Best Casino Operator” in 2015, the “Best Digital Operator” in 2014, and the “Best Casino Operator” in 2013.

  4. Royal Vegas

    Royal Vegas, a licensed and regulated casino, is a reputable online casino that is popular amongst fans of slot machine games. The online casino believes in playing fair and for this reason, they regularly audit their random amount generators and payout percentages to ensure their players receive a fair chance at winning the prize money.

    The online casino utilizes Microgaming software as their gaming platform. Microgaming software is an award winning company, which supplies a variety of different software to online gambling sites. Players can choose from over a hundred casino games, including slots. Players can either download the platform or play the online instant version powered by flash. Players can play 108 Heroes, Wild Orient, Bikini Party, Dragon Dance, and more. The site has more than 200 video slot games.

  5. Casino Cruise

    Casino Cruise offers players with a wide range of video slot games such as Jason’s Quest, Bar Bar Black Sheep, Legends of Africa, Suntide, and Wild Orient. The online casino offers players with a 150 percent match bonus. They also provide their players with a free spins to increase their luck at winning at slots.

    Players who sign up will also be eligible to claim bonus offers that the online casino regularly offers. The online site provides their players to redeem the comp points they earn for playing credits with no time restriction on when they can exchange their points.

  6. All Slots Casino

    All Slots Casino established in 2001 and since then, the casino has become one of the most frequently visited online casinos. The casino is an eCOGRA certified and a Malta licensed online casino. On top of that, it is powered by the reputable gaming platform Microgaming.

    The online casino adds new slot games to their ever-growing list regularly. Players receive money and bonuses when they sign up with the online casino. They make sure to offer their players with free spins, cash back on losses, and cash back on deposits. Players can also sign up for their loyalty program to receive the latest updates on promotions each month.

    In front of you, you have six of the top online casinos to choose from to play slots using real money. However, you should not attempt to play video slot games, unless you have a solid slot strategy backing you up.

The Slot Strategy—Will It Work?

Just as it was impossible to provide you with the name of one online casino to play slots at, it is difficult to provide you with just one strategy. In slots and in fact in every game, you require a combination of strategies to help you come out at the top. Here, you will find a couple of strategies that will tell you on how you can win at video slot games.

  1. Select the Online Casino that Provides You with the Highest Payout

    You should not pick a random casino and with the choices mentioned here, you will not have to conduct extensive research either to find one. However, you have to make sure that the online casino you select provides you with the highest payout. You need to look at their list of video slot games, the match deposit bonus they offer, and the minimum amount the site allows you to withdraw.

  2. Pick Your Online Slot Playing Style

    Your playing style matters a lot, especially during the selection of slot machines. You and the slot machine you pick should fit each other like a glove. Your chance of winning at slot machines depends highly on your playing style.

    For instance, if playing slots is more of a hobby to you than a desire to win big money, you need to avoid playing slot machines that offer Progressive Jackpots. Instead, you want to bet small amount of money. If you are playing competitively, you need to keep reading so you can increase your probability of making winning matches.

  3. Sign Up for the Loyalty Program

    The first rule of playing at an online casino is to look for information on their loyalty program, if they offer one. You can benefit from signing up for loyalty programs, as they offer amazing bonuses and cash awards. For people who do not have a lot of money to spend wagering on slot machines, they can use the free money as a way to double and if they are fortunate, triple their bankroll.

  4. Progressive Jackpots Pay Up on Maximum Bets

    Progressive Jackpots entice players to keep playing. Progressive Jackpots keep growing, until a player wins it all. If you want to be that lucky player to hit the jackpot, you will need to place maximum bets, as that is the only you will qualify to win it. If you want to win the Progressive Jackpot, go ahead and bet the maximum amount. However, your odds of winning the big jackpot are less in comparison to playing a slot with a small jackpot.

  5. Establish Your Goal to Collect and Quit

    Whether you are playing slots online or at a conventional casino, you need to know when to quit and exit. What happens is that people win several amounts of money, bet it all, and leave with nothing so do not let that be you.

    You need to establish a goal of how much money you plan to earn and when you reach that amount, you need to exit the site. Do not lose your winnings because you were tempted to spin one more time, as you never know when your winning streak can hit a bump.

  6. Play the Latest Video Slot Games

    When online casinos want players to play their latest video slot games, they offer players with a higher payout, which is incredible. You need to play the online casino’s latest video slot game, as the likelihood of you winning a good return on your spins is higher. Keep an eye out for online casinos launching their new slot games.

  7. Do Not Play Video Slot Games Offering a Low Progressive Jackpot

    To determine the jackpot amount of a particular video slot machine, you need to look at the jackpot size. If the jackpot size is small, walk away and if it is big, stay. If the jackpot is high, you know that no one has hit it yet, meaning you still have a chance to crack it and win money.

  8. Do Not Switch Video Slot Games after a Few Rounds

    You may be impatient and that is okay in other scenarios, but not when it comes to playing online video slot games. You may feel the urge to switch to another video slot game after a few spins, but you do not want to do that. You need to stay put and keep spinning, until you receive a payout.

  9. Play Unpopular Video Slot Machines

    If you are looking to win huge money, but some money, you need to look for video slots machines that are less popular with players. To find them, you need to look for slot machines that are not visible or charting at top as the most popular ones to play. If you are trying out a new online casino, you will want to play the least popular video slot games on the site.

Always remember, most casinos offer players with a payout rate of about 96 percent to 98 percent. If you win, you will win a lot. You just need to determine the best strategy to employ at the right time. It also depends on how much cash you have to spare.

Regardless of how much cash you have, you need to spend it wisely. Go ahead, explore the online casinos, and use the strategies to your benefit.