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Top Reasons to Play Online Slots

The merry jangling of the bells as you hit the jackpot and the whir of the reels as you hold your breath and pray that you get a winning combination are just some of the reasons why online slots are so addictive. Nothing is more satisfying and fun than spending an evening or perhaps even an entire day gambling from the comfort of your home anticipating big payouts. It’s much better than slogging through traffic and sitting at an uncomfortable slot machine with drunk and unruly patrons breathing down your neck! The following are some more great reasons why the online version is so popular:

It’s cheaper

The expenses you can rack up just visiting a casino just to play slots will make you swear off them forever. For one thing, you will eventually be tempted to sample the all you can eat buffet, not to mention the expensive and extremely tempting drinks to slake your thirst before another round on the reels. Since the payouts you receive will be based on luck, you might end up spending more than you win which will not do anything for your ailing finances.

Since online slot games are based, well, online, you don’t have to go through all of that. All you have to do is fire up your smartphone or laptop, turn on the internet or your phone’s data package and start playing. You can also practice rolling to get into the swing of things before betting actual cash. Most web based slot machines offer simulations that you can play for free and get the feel of a game before betting an amount.

Offers a Variety of ‘Machines’

Even the best casinos only have limited types of machines for players and they are also limited to the number they can have because of space issues. That is not a problem in the digital realm where space is infinite and so are the online slot machines. Well, almost limitless, let’s be realistic here. However, one thing is for sure, you will have literally hundreds of titles to choose from.

You can play any game as a penny slot machine or as a high limit according to the bankroll you are working with. Plus you can also play a number of slots at a time irrespective of their size since all of them are hosted on powerful servers which boast almost unlimited storage capacities. That’s much better than looking a fool dashing to a just vacated a ‘hot’ machine praying to God no one else reaches it before you do.

Your seat will ALWAYS be reserved

Speaking of claiming your spot, whether you like to play at night or during the day, when you log onto your game, you will never have to wait your turn. The internet does not have fixed working hours after all; you can go online any time you want to and resume a game you were playing. Can’t sleep or have a couple of hours to kill before hitting the sack? Fire up your systems and place your bets. Granted the adrenaline rush you get might keep those zees at bay for a while but the payouts you get will be worth the lost sleep.

Spellbinding Themes!

Online casinos and software have gotten more progressive and creative in order to attract players and to give them a gambling experience unlike any other. Online slot games are the same. Where else can you find ones complete with scintillating figures or those paying homage to old sitcoms? You can get lost in history or explore the Wild West just by pushing the in-game lever and transport yourself to an imaginary future that comes with its own storyline and colorful characters.

These themes are not just there for the novelty. Depending on your preferences you have access to a whole new world of gaming opportunities that will do anything but bore you. Boasting special bonuses (to be discussed later) and character specific Scatter features, each online slot game is a tiny world in and of itself that offers payouts to enamored gamers. What else do you need?

Acquiring More Cash is Easier

If you have ever played land based casino slot games, you know how frustrating it can be to run out of money during a game. Even if you do manage to get the money you need from your bank, chances are your spot’s already taken when you return. Plus you also have to pay a fee to get money from the casino ATM which a cashier will also ask for, for the same service if you wish to use other means.

That is not an issue in online games at all and is in fact one of its biggest draws. If your bankroll runs out while playing, depositing more cash to continue takes seconds at most and cost next to nothing.

The Odds are in your Favor

Since online casinos do not have to pay any staff or foot the bill for complimentary drinks, rooms and other perks, they can offer higher payouts compared to land based casinos. That means your odds of winning are also high. Players who do not manage to win big can still retain up to 5% of their cash simply because an online casino can profit from a smaller percentage of the bets placed on their platform.

Additional Games!

Let’s face it, you can only play slots for so long before you get a bit tired and bored. A true gambler is never satisfied playing just one game which is why modern video slots have become the rage. Besides offering crispier graphics, the new versions also offer small or sub games within slot games which can be activated when you accomplish the game’s main goal or acquire set targets.  Besides breaking the monotony, these mini games are the perfect reward for perseverance and can go a long way in boosting your confidence before the next round.