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Is There a Strategy to Play Online Slot?

Is this the real deal, or just a myth? Online slots are the most popularly played online games in the world. In fact, whether they’re played online or at casinos, there is no stopping gambling fanatics from indulging into this past time, some even consider it a passion. Which is why it’s not fair that there are so many its online that claim to have figured out the key to the secret dungeons of inevitable treasures and winnings. But are they right? Just like everything else out there on the internet, some are right, and some aren’t. Let’s debunk the ones that work and those that don’t have a chance.

First of all, let’s get one thing straight and clear: no strategy exists that will ensure you a 100% win at anything, gaming or life. But that’s another topic for another day. At the end of the day, the superior hand in the game is held by the house, and there are things that are completely out of your control. However, there are some techniques that can improve your chances at bagging a win, if not guarantee that you will win for sure. That’s better than having no chances at all, right? The great thing about online slot machines is that the chances of the casino strategically placing the slot machines are less likely to happen. You can relax and choose the one of your liking and play away.

From the comfort of your own bed or sofa, you can be the winner of many huge jackpots if you play your cards right.  Online and physical slot machines have a few differences but otherwise they almost work in the same way. Plan a practical strategy and not one of those mythical ones that no one has proven successful.

Determine and Settle on a Bankroll

This is probably the most important of casino gaming: before you even begin playing, decide on who much money can you afford to lose. Because, even though we are here to strategize winning techniques, there are still chances of you losing the money you put in. So, the wise thing to do is set aside the money you. If you’re willing to play big, it would be a good idea to open up a separate account to store your gambling money – also ensures that you do not spend more than you have allotted yourself.

Don’t Exhaust Yourself

Allocate a limited amount of time that you shall spend playing  online slot games and when do you require a break. Spending more than a set amount of time doing a certain task can diminish your ability to function at optimal levels which would mean you may be more susceptible to making illogical decisions. Give it two hours, and then take a 30 minutes break to refresh your mind. After doing this, you will return to your game with a reenergized mind.

Surf For The Best Game

Yeah, sounds like an obvious thing to say, but it’s more than that. Sometimes, a game might seem really rewarding until you begin playing it. And then you find out that it “wasn’t your game” after all. You can’t be good at every game. Unless you have a dispensable bankroll, then you can go nuts. Choose a game that has room for improvement and learning new skills, not the one that offers the highest jackpot.

Bonus Rounds Are The Way To GO

Go for a game that has a bonus round, ideally. Most 3D slot games online nowadays feature bonus rounds. They will earn you more winnings than you would with a regular slots game without any bonus features – obviously. If you spot that a game has bonus rounds, immediately go for it!

Avoid Betting All Your Coins

Unless a jackpot requirement demands that you have to bet all of your coins at once, avoid it at any cost. Slow and steady DOES help you win in this case.  Divide and conquer, buddy!  Betting all your coins will not earn you extra rewards, it will only mean that if you lose, you lose big!

Build Your Way Up

In case you’re rusty on your slot playing skills, brush them up by restarting with a lesser reel game. For example, begin playing with a 3-reel game slot with a considerable amount of paylines, and then build your way up to 5, even 7 reel games. By the time you reach up on the top, you would have exhausted silly mistakes during the earlier games, which would mean that you will have less chances of messing it up.

Bank Those Free Credits

When you go online looking for slot games, and begin playing one, you will generally be provided with an amount of free credits to practice with before you go risking the real money. It might be tempting to just dive right in, but you have to use that free fake money if you don’t want to go in big and lose it all.

Keep Changing Your Strategy

Not all strategies will work on every game, so try to tweak your strategies while playing different kinds of games. This will ensure that you’re keeping it fresh, and you will learn more about various kinds of tricks and gateways into the secret world of big winnings and jackpots.


One of the most important things you have to remember while playing any kind of gambling games is knowing when the time to quit has arrived upon you. If you can see that you are about to lose big, withdraw your bets as it could cost you more than you have put in.

After You’re DONE bagging your winnings, the smartest thing to do is to keep a percentage of it aside and add it to your bankroll – the rest of the money can go into your savings!