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How Do Jackpots Work?

Professional gamblers (yes there is such a thing!) have a way of beating casino slot games by either limiting the slot play to progressive slot games only, where the jackpot gets so big that it leans entirely towards the player’s advantage. Others simply use it to milk out the different sorts of rebates, and promotional money offers. This works in both land based and online casinos. Professional slot players usually combine the two ways. They will wait until the jackpot is close to giving player advantage, and then take advantage of comps and casino points too.

To use the first method in slot machines, it is important that one records the video streaming spins. If you record the results of enough spins you can determine the accurate payout percentage of the game, and thus the amount of your bet that is going into the jackpot. From here you can also single out the house edge. Note that all casinos have this in all of their slot machine games. This takes work and understanding of the math that is involved.

These are the gamblers who are great at math, or they hire another person who is. That being said, they still dedicate a lot of time playing the online video slots. This is the only way one can compare with games give out the best programs and offers in different casinos.

So What Is a Random Jackpot All About?

It is important that people know exactly how a random jackpot works. A lot of people confuse this with a progressive jackpot. In any case when your earnings are on the line, it pays (literally) to know exactly what you are getting into.

Like JT said, what goes around, comes around. With random jackpots, you have a chance to get back the fortune that you put in. Here is how it all works.

You Play It like Any Other Slot Machine

You start by betting the amount you want, click Spin to see the reels rolling, hit spin in glee again when you are greeted by the bonus round, and then at the end when you have used up all your spins you might be rewarded with the ultimate jackpot.

The Free Spins Round

If you win free spins, you may be able to re-trigger a lot of different bonus features during this round, but this is not technically a paid spin and it is only after the completion of all the free spins that you stand a chance of bagging the random jackpot.

The Chance of Winning

The chance of winning here depends on a dollar bet. This chance can be raised or decreased based on the entire spin amount. If you playing a one line spin and you have the coin value of a cent, this means you have exactly 100 times less of a chance of making a win with a single dollar spin.

Keep in mind that without you making any spins a portion of your wager is already reserved for the random jackpot. However the usual rate for this is 1.5 percent for the player.

 Probably the Best Way to Winning the Slot Game

You set it to a single cent for each spin, and then input a 1000 spins on autoplay. The idea for this is that if you play for a single cent per spin, you will not be spending a fortune that you otherwise would be tempted to do. This is one way you have a chance at winning the random jackpot, which is with more spins and least stake per spin. However the slots are still random and someone who is not using this strategy may still be able to bag the jackpot, even early on in the game.

When It Is Real and When It Is Not

You are free to check out all online casinos and compare the pattern of bonus rounds, lucrative feature and the random jackpot on offer. Whatever casino slot machine suits your fancy remember that Free Spins are a popular feature, but the random jackpots that you win during this feature are not usually always paid out by the game.

Playing For Real Money

If you play at a feature casino for real money you should know that as far as payable bonuses go, they are always the same, only flashier than the last and with an interesting name. Nevertheless none disappoint in terms of entertainment. If you want to particularly play a random jackpot slot machine with a casino bonus, then before you hit spin, check their Rules tab to see whether they let you play this type of slot machines with the welcome bonus that they treated you with for signing up. All casinos reward with the initial welcome bonus deposit, but only half allow that you use this deposit to win the random jackpot.

The Maximum Cash out Amount

There are times when a casino places maximum cash out value on winnings taken directly from playing with a casino bonus. So before you click on the box that indicates that you read all terms and conditions, it is important that you do read all the terms and conditions listed, before you accept a casino bonus for an online video slot game.


Don’t hesitate to download the slot games that you think you might enjoy. Sign up with an online casino; you never know you might bag the jackpot early on and come out of the experience with a fortune. So sign up, read the terms and conditions and good luck with winning the random jackpot on offer. Oh, and, do not forget to have tons of fun!