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Comparing Land-based and Online Slots

If you have played both online and land based slot games, then you must be familiar with the differences between the two, right? Besides a completely different gaming environment there are a number of dissimilarities between them that appeal to some gamers but not to others. The one main thing they share is that both are licensed, regulated and tested to ensure each offers completely random results. However, as we shall see, the online version gets more attention and love than their land based counterparts.

Land based casinos are more exciting

If you live for the adrenaline rush that accompanies a winning combination and payouts, then land based casinos will be right up your alley. Brick and mortar casinos offer free drinks, an all you can eat buffet and you can play with friends and family together which only amps up the excitement level. Plus, it is always exciting to be on the lookout for slot machines that have not hit for a while and swoop down when you find one hoping that you will be the lucky winner.

We can all agree that the main draw for land based casinos is the ambience which is unlike any other. Nothing compares to the chink of new coins, the whir of the spinning reels and the roar of the crowd when someone lands a jackpot. Besides the adrenaline rush, the experience keeps attracting players by the horde just for the atmosphere.


However, even though they can be fun for some people, they are not as appealing to gambling enthusiasts who do not live in close proximity to casinos. Besides the obvious transport issues, these gamers prefer to gamble closer to home so that they don’t end up spending more on gas than they do on the games! Plus, no one wants company when they have a cold or are sick in general. But when the gambling bug bites, they still need to have their fix and that is where online casinos come into the picture. Here are some more reasons why these are preferable to their land based counterparts in this day and age:

Number of  Choices

Even the biggest land based casino only has a limited number and type of slots for players compared to online slots which offer an almost limitless variety. So if variety spices up your life then it would be better to make an account in the latter and sample the various types of slots at your disposal. That will be much better than sitting at a single slot machine for hours on end and without any options to switch to another theme to break the monotony.

While it is true that land based casinos offer rows upon rows of slots, all of them are mostly the same due to space limitations. Online slots offer a range of themes ranging from Oriental and Western to futuristic and fantasy based which take this simple game and elevate it to the next level.

Bonuses and Comps

Since land based casinos are based on, well, land, they have to contend with exorbitant charges and take care of ongoing costs such as paying staff salaries and funding the complimentary food and drink for VIP patrons. This reduces the payouts and bonuses that gamblers expect to win. Online casinos on the other hand, are based on the cloud and have no physical venue or staff to manage as such so the bonuses and payouts their slots offer are much more generous in comparison.

Even though online casinos cannot offer the same type of comps that physical casinos do, such as free meals and room, they more than make up for it by offering casino credits and cash in their place. Come to think about it, you might find these benefits more attractive if you prefer to do your gambling online. Plus, they offer bonuses which most land based casinos do not and players cannot even win casino cash which the online version does offer along with credits which can be used in-game.


If you have a job then chances are you frequent the reels during the weekends and get frustrated with the large crowds for your troubles. If the casino is small then finding an unoccupied slot machine must be like looking for a needle in a haystack right? If you want to move to another machine, first you have to cash out all of your credits, pick up all of your coins that may spill when you try to walk and curse like a sailor when someone else beats you to it. The absolute cherry on top? Somebody just sat in the one you just vacated so you are stuck!

Needless to say you will not face that issue in online slots because no one will be able to take your seat, period. Plus if you get tired of playing on a slot machine and want to switch to another, all you have to do is click on the one you like and continue playing without breaks. The best part is that your credit travels with you so no more scrambling on a dirty casino floor to pick the ones you drop.

Learning Curve

It is hard to learn any game from scratch and even though slots sound easy enough to master, it comes with its own set of rules. Plus you also have to know the significance of winning combinations, which bonuses you stand to win, how many coins you can bet etc. You can get the answers of all of these questions yourself by taking time to study the machine.

You do not have the luxury to do this in a land based casino; you will probably have a crowd gathered around your machine waiting for their turn so you will not have time to study the rules. However, since you will be playing from home or on the go on a personal system, you can take your time in an online one to learn the ropes and gain some experience without betting any cash.