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Lucky 5 Reeler Slot Slot

There are seldom online video slot games that buck the basic trend and are different to others already present in the market. This is one game that does so. For users looking to play something different, this is the way to go about it. The game is made by classic slot game developers Barcrest who have been attributed to a number of different classic games. The game is basically a fun filled affair, there is no set theme at the heart of it all, just that it’s a good game that can be addictive.  

The game is structured in three rows and has a total of five reels over which it is spread out. It is on the user to decide which pay line do they want, they have on option between 5 pay lines and 10 pay lines. On top of that, the game features extra reels available above the primary reels. In the bonus feature you have 5 free spin features for each reel, which makes it a total of 25 free spins in the game.

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