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How to Play Slots

When slot machines first came into existence, they were frequented by those who could not afford to play for high stakes. The jackpots were miniscule at best, the payouts were to laugh at and slot players were just not qualified for bonuses such as free meals and shows which table players enjoyed. However, in the last few years alone this seemingly innocuous game has taken off and now it generates about 80% of revenue for the casinos that offer them.

The game is particularly popular with newbies who prefer a personal gaming experience free from dealers and other gamers. If you are one of them you need to learn how to use one before picking a machine. Playing the slots is simple enough. All you have to do is drop coins in the slot and push the handle or button to make the reels spin. However, how you play will have a lot to do with how much you win despite the fact that most of it is based on luck. The following are some considerations to keep in mind:

How much can you Afford?

The very first thing you need to do before sitting down in front of a slot machine is determine the bankroll you will be playing for. Once you know how much you will be playing for, you can ensure that you don’t end up losing more than you can afford. Better yet, open a separate account for gambling only so that you are not tempted to dig into your personal account or the one meant for your home.

Place a Bet Amount

Just like in a table game, you have to place a bet before you can play. After inserting the coin, insert the cash amount you are betting and an equivalent number of credits will appear on screen. Now your next step will depend on the type of machine that you use. On a reel spinning one for instance, you have to push the ‘play one credit’ button until you have acquired the number of coins you need to play for. After that you have to push the ‘spin reels’ button or pull down on the handle to make the reels spin. You can also hit the button that is marked ‘max credits’ if you are in the mood to play for a while. This option sets the maximum coins that the machine is capable of accepting.

In video slots on the other hand, you have to push two buttons in order to make a bet. The first one determines the number of paylines you have to activate and the second determines the credits you want for each. Most of these slots have 5 reels spinning onscreen at a time.

Choose your Paylines

The payout you stand to win is determined by a winning symbol combination which appears on the payline. You will only find one of these on a traditional slot machine but the video variety may offer more than one. A modern one might offer as less as 9 and maximum 50 paylines. Examine them closely to see which lines you have to bet on and to determine if you have a winning payline.  


Working the Multiplier Machine

In the multiplier machine you get a certain amount of money if you play a certain amount of coins. However, that does not mean that if you bet more you can increase your chances of winning. In other words, it is safe to play a bigger amount without worry. If you win a small number of coins, you win a small amount and vice versa and this will not have any effect on the number of times you might win.

Search for Progressive Games

If you come across a slot machine with a lot of people around it and a board display that everyone is riveted on above it, then that means you have found a progressive game. These are basically slots with a jackpot that keeps on multiplying each time it is played. The best part is that the machine is linked to the other slots in the vicinity so if you manage to hit the jackpot in a progressive slot you will not only win the jackpot, but also a certain percentage of all they play.

It is advisable to bet the max amount in this kind of slot game. Think about it; if you don’t bet as much as possible, you lower your chances of winning the jackpot automatically. Sure you can get the smaller cash prizes if you are lucky, but the jackpot will elude you. The wise thing to do is to bet as much money as you can on the progressive slot machine to increase your chances of winning big.

Choose a Game you are Comfortable with

Find a slot machine that is free and get to work. Keep in mind that you might be there for a while so remember to determine your bankroll before settling. You will get a player’s card beforehand which you have to insert in the machine before inserting the amount you are playing for. You will get points that way. The slot machine will fire up ready to be played.

All you have to do is follow the prompts that appear on the screen or you can read the directions that are written above it. If the machine refuses to work or you get overwhelmed, there is no shame in calling over an attendant to help you. Most have a button for this purpose and the machine will light up notifying the management that you need aid.

Play for as long as you are satisfied and if you want to leave, just push the ‘cash out’ button for a printout of your receipt. You have to show this at the casino’s ATM machine or the cashier as proof of your winnings before you can claim them. Once you have your hard won cash, you are ready to hit the tables to multiply the amount or just splurge.