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Not All Slot Machines Are For Every Casino Player

The convenience of being able to win big money from your home is not the only great thing that came with the evolution of casino games, eventually branching out to online versions. Another thing that was made possible with computerized modern slot games was the development of new games, and improving the gameplay on the existing ones. There is no game that has seen more benefits from this than the way video slots have.

With adoption of new technologies that online casinos have brought about, the already thought of as fun games are now a thriller to spend time and make money with. However, did you know that even though all of these may have had so much genius and effort put into them, there are certain slots that are only liked by certain types of slot players?

Check out some of the popular variations of the slot machines and the kind of players that they will most likely appeal to.

3 Reel Slot Machines

These are most popular among conditioned gamblers. For newbies, these are primarily something they might have seen in a casino movie scene, or something they may regard as not so lucrative or fun because of the lower number of reels. This is in no way true though. The 3 reel slot machine is the first kind of slot to be invented. The basic model is what appeals to most people who just want to stick to a game play that will let them make the most of the game without being confused by the various options and the myriad of features most modern casino games offer.

The 3 reel slot machine a simple set of three reels that al spin at the same time, and can only determine a winning when landed in the same row. There nothing here about features that are triggered when you land 4 or 5 in a row. Land 3 and make your way to the jackpot, sounds like a lot of people’s cup of tea.

The Five Reel Casino Slot Machine

Do not let this casino game get you down, this is just as simple only with a larger number of reels and therefore more chances of making a win, no matter how small it may be. Just like the classic slot machine which has lesser rows, this game has the same amount of symbols. So technically, the chances of the same icons landing on the reels in front of you are fairly similar. For a lot of people, the chance to play the classic 3 reel slot machine is more appealing. The reason behind this is that the odds of this are better. Others think that every time that they play the reel casino slot they end up with a better payout than they do with other kinds of slots, even if they are playing them in the same online casino slot. However before you get ahead of yourself and try out a 5 reel slot machine based on this notion, you need to first experiment with a couple of these before you make your decision.

Progressive Machines

This is the particular game where you are offered the biggest jackpot possible. This also means that the more that you bet and play the higher it is likely that you will be paid out when you hit the mega progressive jackpot in the game. The jackpot can be one machine that gets you a cumulative prize, or it can be from a whole group of them. The way it works, this is done regardless of a group or an individual. What happens is that you start by placing a wager on any of these slots and a percentage is taken towards the collective prize. Therefore with every bet that you make, the jackpot is boosted by that amount. If the idea of playing the slot machine while you keep spinning seems appealing to you, this is the kind of game that will pay well.   

The Multi Spin Slot Machine

In this particular variation, multi spins work fairly simply. You spin the reels like you would normally, and once the spins stop you can decide which ones you want to hold and which ones are left for you to re spin. However before you click on Play for this casino game, you should know that the variation of the game gets you the lowest payout in the entire casino, when you compare the figures to other machines. The great thing about this is that, these games are developed keeping in mind the entertainment aspect to be on the forefront. So if you are looking into making cash while also having fun, you should try out the Multi Spin slot game.

The Multi Line Slot Machine

This slot machine gets its name from the fact that it allows players to be able to wager one more than a single payline on the screen with every spin. The category includes so many other kinds of slots as well. Or instance you can reap the same benefits from a 5 reel slot machine as well. Some variations of the 3 reel slot machines allow for this too. The great thing about this modern slot machine is that it features a traditional jackpot but will easily pay out when you have combinations on certain paylines. So if you do not like to chase after one mega prize, this is a great way to have fun and make money steadily with each spin you make.