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List of Top Features Found in a Good Slot Machine

Slot machines have led the world of gambling since the 19th century. The first slot was invented by Charles Fey in the late 1800s, known as Liberty bell. It was a 3 reel slot and had an automated payout mechanism. The winning prizes ranged from a bubble gum to a 50 cent jackpot.

The popularity of the one arm bandit spread like wildfire. The machine surely has evolved through the past years, but its fever remains the same. It won’t be wrong to say that it has increased with time, and why wouldn’t it? After all, it allows you to win big by betting only a little.

Slots can arguably be called as the safest game to wager money on, as you don’t lose much even if you don’t win.

Many different features have been introduced to the slot machine paradigm over the years to keep players engaged. These attributes have not only appealed to gamblers, but have also increased the winning rate on the slots. You may have played on a number of slot machines, each offering a variety of different features. Here are some of the top features that mark a good slot machine;

1.     Ways Win

Slot that grant a higher likelihood of winning surely stand out among the others. Everyone wants to play a game where the chances of winning are high. Checking whether the Ways Win feature is available can help you choose a good slot machine to play on.

Ways Win refers to the combination of reels with similar symbols that marks a win. In a traditional machine, the combinations are limited to 20, 50, 100 or a few more traditional paylines. Traditional pay lines or way wins are the straight line combination of symbols on a right to left basis.

Due to the changes over the course of time, now, there are more ways to win and a slot machine is marketed on this basis to achieve more traffic. You can find slots with 243, 1024 and even 3125 ways to win at it. In the altered slots, all you need is to get a combination of symbols across the reels. Whether the symbols are in the same line or not, you can still win if it is displayed on all the reels regardless of its position.

For example; in a three reel game, if the symbol occurs on the top of the first reel, at the bottom of the second and in the middle of the third reel, you win. The only requirement is that you get the same symbol on all the reels from left to right. This also includes the traditional payline.

2.     Wilds

This feature is the one that can help you win big, not just once, but multiple times. Wilds are the symbols that occur on the reels and can be used as a substitute to every symbol at any position. There are two types of wilds; stacked and sticky

Stacked wild is the one that drops down in a single reel and covers the whole reel, while the sticky occurs at only one position in a reel, but it sticks for one or more spins so that you may use it in the next spin if you get the chance. The wild feature gives chances for a player to win bigger amounts, multiple times.

3.     Nudge and hold

These two features in a slot machine can be highly beneficial in winning jackpots. The Nudge feature allows you to move a single symbol in a reel one position up or down, so that you may place it to a position with higher chances of winning. Hold feature allows you to hold a single reel and spin the rest. This can be extremely valuable if you get a wild; you may hold on to it and spin the rest of the reels.

4.     Themes

You may have seen slots with classic symbols, such as; spades, diamonds, hearts, horseshoes and the liberty bell. Due to advancements made in the machine, fruits were also displayed. Now, the themes in a slot machine are far more diverse than you can imagine. You can find slots with themes of different TV shows, movie characters, monuments, etc.

Winning is not guaranteed, but you can at least feast your eyes while playing a slot with some enticing game themes.

5.     Gamble features

It isn’t really a feature as it is a bonus game that can be triggered by using different features of a slot. This game gives you the option to wage all your winnings, and if the odds are in your favor you may get back double of the amount and if not then you lose every last penny.

To play this bonus game, you need to put every winning at stake and then predict the next display; if you get it correct, well then, say hello to jackpot galore!

6.     Free Spins

This is one of the most common attributes which is found in almost every slot machine. As the name clearly suggests, this feature offers free spins without you having to place any wager. If you win, you get the amount that was specified for your previous bet.

7.     Bonus Games

Nearly every slot machine in existence offers a bonus game of some sort; they can of course be different depending on the machine you’re playing on. It may be one or more free spins, predicting the next display, or any other.