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The Story behind Progressive Slot Machines

Do you want to win immense prizes? Have you always been interested in slot machine games? Are you interested in finding out if you can win thousands of dollars? You should learn about progressive slot machines! They are known to be the most profitable slots present in a casino.

The progressive slot machines are among the popular types of machine games. The demand for progressive slot machine games is increasing as more people prefer these games. Players know that if they win, they will be able to obtain an enormous award. The prize multiplies and can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars!

Since the popularity of online casinos has increased, progressive game slots are also becoming more famous. Online progressive jackpots function like the actual ones. Every wager you make is going to feed some amount in the progressive jackpot for a particular game. The popularity of online progressive jackpot has increased widely as more people are able to play with the game from the comfort of their bedrooms today!

Types of Progressive Slot Machines

Standalone Progressive Slot Machines

A standalone progressive slot machine is the very basic type of progressive slot machine. In this game, only the bets that have been placed on a specific machine are able to feed the jackpot. It is the oldest and was one of the most common types of slot machine games ever played. The jackpots are usually under $10,000 in standalone progressive slot machine games.

Local Progressives Slot Machines

Local progressive slot machines were developed long after standalone progressive machines. In the local progressive slot machines, all players are linked to each other. The network usually consists of tens or hundreds of machines, depending on the casino. The jackpots available on these games come under $1,000,000.

Wide Area Network Progressive Slot Machine

Wide area network machines evolved from local games and are the most popular type of games present in the market today. In wide area network progressive games, the network is not just limited to other machines present in one casino. The network includes multiple casinos from the state. The total amount of money is over $10 million in wide area network slot machines.

Features of Progressive Slot Machine Games

There are a number of multiple slot machines that are linked with the specific slot machine you are playing. A certain percentage of the total number of coins you play will go directly into progressive jackpot. This can help in increasing the total size of a jackpot. If you get really lucky and win the jackpot, you will get the chance to make a max bet. This way you will win much more than what you have put in.


Progressive slot machines are different from regular machines in a way that they provide multiple offers and opportunities to bet. The main differentiation factor between a progressive slot machine and a regular slot machine is the option of a ‘progressive jackpot’. The jackpot rises when the players put coins in the machine and spin the wheels. Each coin is used to feed the jackpot.

The value of jackpot increases by a small amount in each game. Multiple machines are linked together to form one large progressive jackpot. Although the odds of winning are greater in regular jackpots, the amount of prize is significantly higher when it comes to a progressive jackpot.

Jackpot Meter

A unique feature of all the progressive slots is that they all possess a jackpot meter, which shows the current value of a jackpot. The meter is usually very huge and bright and located above the slot machines. This feature of progressive jackpots is not limited to the actual casino games, but is also present on the internet slot machine games.

Max Coins

Another unique feature of a progressive game is that you need to make the maximum bet to win the game. It is not recommended to play the maximum number of coins on most slots but going there is an emphasis on making the maximum bet. Due to the fact that the probability of winning on a progressive jackpot is too low, if you win, you will get huge prizes that are unimaginable in all other types of machine slot games.

Progressive slot machine games are the only type of machine games where you can win million dollars- other than the lottery of course. They are not just played in casinos on slots machines. Progressive slots are also popularly found on video poker machines. They can also be found on the Caribbean Stud Poker.

Winning a Progressive Jackpot

The likelihood of winning the jackpot depends on a lot of factors. The probability of winning a progressive jackpot is very small no matter how big the amount of a jackpot is. Progressive slots and machines have a jackpot that can increase the total number of players. A progressive slot machine can be played on a standalone machine, in a local area network within one casino or in wide area network across multiple casinos. It is extremely vital to get an idea of the pay structure of scheme, evaluate the size of coins accepted by the slot machine and load up the lines. It is important to bet the max on every spin.

Other than few tips, there is nothing else that can be done to increase the chance of winning a progressive jackpot. There is no specific strategy to play a progressive jackpot. The style of playing the game varies from player to another. Some players use all the available play lines, some play the maximum or minimum and some go for automatic play. Players keenly look for the extra edge to on the right place and at the appropriate time. 

There is nothing like winning a progressive jackpot. It can literally turn your tables and absolutely change your life! Even though the chance of winning a progressive jackpot is low, the amount of prize is so big that people are always willing to try their luck!