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The Different Types of Slot Machines

Slots have been a part of the gambling world for quite some time now. This game is where the origins of casinos lie and has been the most popular game for gamblers since the 19th century, retaining much of its popularity to this day.

Over time, slots have gained unimaginable diversity, now available in many different varieties. You may have played on many different types of slots in different casinos, but there are still many more for you to experience.

Here are some of the most well known types of slot played at online and land-based casinos:

1.     Classic Slots

It all began with Classic slots – thus the name. The first classic slot was invented by Charles Fey back in the 19th century. It was named Liberty Bell. Since then, it has been a popular slot game for gamblers all around the world.

It consists of three reels with traditional symbols. Initially, it had a set of 5 symbols; horseshoe, diamond, hearts, spades and liberty bell. Later, the machine was modified and turned into fruit slots; it consisted of different fruit symbols.

The game was pretty simple; you spin the reels and if you end up with the same symbols in a row, you win and if not, better luck next time. Classic slots were the first game to appear in land based casinos. With the passing years the reel and symbols were modified. Slots today have various different symbols and can have up to 6 reels approximately.

Here's some popular classic slots: Ultra Hot Deluxe, Santastic, Jackpot 6000.

2.     Video Slots

The slots entered the virtual world in the 1970s. Walt Fraley invented the first video slot machine and named it Fortune Coin. It became a part of local casinos in 1975 but wasn’t much of an attraction to the players until 1980s. As soon as the virtual slot was popularized, it hit the industry with a bang.

It soon became the most highly demanded machine. Unlike the classic slot machine, the limits of this new bee were unimaginable at that time. Instead of physical reels, the slot had digital spinning reels; all a player needed to do was press the button.

Video slots enhanced winning chances for a player and gave higher waging and winning options. The winning combinations on a video slot were much more than in a classic slot. Everything about this virtual game was so enticing that a person simply couldn’t restrain from having a shot at the game.

After the video slot came into existence, then only different features and bonuses were introduced to keep the people attracted.

On yaslot.com you can play the most popular video slots like Mad scientist, Mamma Mia, 2 Million BC.

3.     Progressive Slots

Progressive slots do not differ much from the standard slots. What makes them so great is the huge jackpot amount that keeps increasing. A progressive slot is connected to a bank or other slot machines installed at the same or different casinos. When a player bets in a progressive slot, a small percentage of his or her wager amounts are added to the jackpot amount.

The remaining is for the player to hit the right combination and take it all. But, it’s not that simple, as other players will try to do the same. It sure is a big opportunity, but it is beneficial to go for moderate wins instead of the jackpot, or you may end up losing all that is in your hand. It’s better to have something than nothing at all.

In our online slots library you'll also find progressive slot games: Fruit Fiesta, Major Millions, LotsaLoot and many other.

4.     Multi-Payline Slots

As the name defines, a multi payline slot offers multiple paylines. Paylines are the patterns according to which a combination of symbols should occur for a player to win. A traditional slot takes in a single coin and has a single payline. A multi-payline slot is a machine that takes more coins, but offers many more pay lines than a traditional one. This feature gives more opportunities for a player to win.

This slot is a computer based machine. Initially it also had a straight payline system, but later programmers modified it to read other paylines too.

You may think that this feature makes it negligible to lose; that’s not true. Before you can play the game you will have to choose a single payline pattern and then the combinations that will make you winner have to be in the same pattern.

A beginner may get a little confused with the rules of this slot, but after a few rounds you’ll be playing like a pro.

Here's some Multi-Payline Slots you can play for free on our website: Gonzo’s Quest, Under The Bed, Aztec Treasure

5.     Single-coin Slots

A single coin slot is hard to find; these classic slots are on the verge of extinction. Every casino is modernized and uses modified slots. Advanced slots, such as video slots are much more entertaining to the customers and are far more profitable than a single coin slot. You may find these slots in a small casino or at an old club, the rest of them have washed their hands off of it.

A single coin slot may not give large jackpots or an alluring virtual gaming experience, but a person can still enjoy a good old game just for fun.

6.     Bonus Slots

Bonus game slots are the one that offer a wide range of bonus games to a player on different combinations. These combinations may be same or different from the combinations needed to win. These bonus games require no extra stakes. Spin the reels and you may win some extra money or may be another game to try your luck.

The bonus games may differ in every slot. These games are offered by the casinos and they can reprogram the machine and change the game at any time. These games are worth taking a shot at, as there is nothing at stake.

Play amazing bonus slots for free: Lord of the Ocean, South Park, The Invisible Man and many other great games!