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Slots Based on Movies

When you think of casino games, the first thing kind that pops up in your mind is slots! Yu can’t help it. For most players, online slots are the only kind of casino or gambling games that they know of. It’s not their fault. Slots have virtually taken over the online world of casino gaming. You don’t even need a deck of cards to play games like blackjack and poker anymore – just do it online. Think of online slots as a gateway game to the other gambling games on the internet, once you find one you’re bound to find the others.

Over the past few decades, we have seen the slots evolve from land based to online, to every single gambler’s personal computer- starting from 3 reels to consisting of 7 reels now, slots have come a very long way. Having said that, is there anything on this planet spared of pop culture influence? With such a heavy and penetrating impact, how is it possible that pop culture stays behind from seeping into the dazzling world of the global casino? Well, it has! Pay a visit to the casino capital of the world, and explore a little – your mind will be, both, amused and shocked. Pleasantly, of course.

Back in the day, the flashy lights and a typical arcade environment with a typical slot machine noise going around was the ultimate casino trademark. The hustle bustle of people bent over the machines, engrossed into winning the ultimate jackpot. Not much has changed. Well, except for the music they play in there. Here are 10 of the most unique and interesting slot machines.

1.The Hangover

It's impossible to talk about pop culture influence on casino gaming, and not mention this bomb of a movie that changed the face of Vegas for A LOT of people. The movie itself planted the idea into the world’s head; it’d have been a shame if this slot machine didn’t exist. It was only a matter of time that someone just went right ahead and created it. You will find a few land based slots based on this glorious mess, and a ton online.

2.Alien vs. Predator

This Alien vs. Predator slot machine isn’t alone. There is a standalone Alien machine wherever you will find this high-tech appearing sci-fi slot machine. Its shiny new surface is going to lure you in, and you will instantly fall prey to this Predator slot machine.

3.Monty Python and the Holy Grail

This is one of those movies you do not forget. It’s catchy, with amazing dialogues that stick to your mind the moment you hear them. The maker of this slot machine realized that and it’s what makes this machine so great – you will find plenty of dialogues and quotes from the original movie itself, AND it’s packed with many bonus rounds.

4.Star Trek

There are not one but two slot machines that exist to represent this great legendary phenomenon. One for the series lovers and one based off the original movie. So, don’t’ worry, just because you would like to play the original game does not mean you have to miss the glory of William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. Their Battlestations will take you back in time and maybe even increase your excitement by a huge fraction.

5.American Idol

Karaoke games are not the only source of entertainment this mega buster show has influenced. Hard to believe? This slot machine really exists and it’s accompanied by an apt sized screen that complements the nature of the show. Why the screen, one may ask? It continuously plays interesting clips from the show itself.

6.The Amazing Race

This amazing game isn’t based on a single slot machine. As you’ll see four separate slots, each determined to serve its own purpose. Just like each pair of contestants on the show!

7.Star Wars Droid hunt

The movie with one of the biggest following in the history and probably future of the planet, and the galaxy far far away has a slot machine dedicated to it exclusively. With the special sound effects, movie themed symbols, this machine is bound to take your entertainment levels up to the Death Star itslf.

8.The Wizard of Oz

Join Wendy and her friends as symbols in this a lot machine game, and win big. We bet that wasn’t a part of the movie’s plot, was it? Can it get more amazing than combining your childhood movie with amazing payouts? After seeing the machine, you will fall in love with it as it’s just as colorful as the movie intended all things to be (re-mastered version, of course).

9.Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

With a worried Frodo up on the animated panel, this slot machine is based on the second of the three book/movie series. Every reel of the slot is bombarded with pictures of LOTR characters and various kinds of Hobbit feet. Let’s not forget Gollum – he also makes an appearance as a symbol.

10.Sex and the City

HBO was not going to let go the chance to cash in on this mega sensation that became the favorite of every American girl. This slot machine is based on the movie that came out back in the year 2008. Casinos aren’t all dice, cards, and fruits. It’s now heels, hand-bags, and high-end dresses, too!