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Laws & Regulations Concerning Slot Gambling

When we talk about playing games for real money and the gambling industry as whole, then there are obviously regulatory laws concerning the over mechanism of the processes involved. These laws or regulations can differ from place to place and even from casino to casino depending upon the authorities and their style of governing the gambling scenario of the real world.

Let’s take a look at the ones that can be deemed most favorable to players and in return can help them play games in a well informed and knowledgeable manner:

Payout Rates and Slot Hold Percentage

For those who are new to slot machines should know every machine or online game has its own distinctive payout percentage. This percentage denominates the total winnings a game or machine has to offer within its lifetime period. For example if a machine has a 98% payout rate then with each player making a $1 spin for one year accounting to let’s say 10,000 spins makes the total wager of $10,000 per year. The machine will return 98% of that amount to a particular or several winners with the total amount up to $9,800 that can be a lump sum or shared.

On the other hand, the 2% from the remaining 100% is known as the Slot hold percentage. This is the amount which the casino earns or is able to withhold hence the term slot hold percentage. Taking the above-mentioned example, by the end of the year the so and so casino would have earned around $2,000 on just one slot with incurring any losses.

Laws governing slot machines can vary from state to state, such as:

  • Nevada offers slot machines to players with 75% minimum legal payout
  • Machines in New Jersey have a minimum legal payout of 83%
  • And typical online machines payouts are usually 96% to 98%.

Knowing the payout rates can greatly affect the game play, and avid gamblers take these slight changes into a great deal of consideration in order to maximize their winnings.  

Private Ownership

For those who want to own a privately owned slot machine and keep it for their guest or visitors at home need to know the fact that there are laws that are specially designed to govern such activities. The Gambler’s Oasis LLC is registered by the United States Department of Justice and operates in full compliance with the Gambling Devices Act of 1962. State by state laws may differ from each other and the regulatory bodies can help you decide whether buying or repairing a slot machine is allowed or prohibited.  


There is a table of probabilities that is able to define the possible number of winnings for a slot machine and they are often considered as insider secrets. This pay table may differ for each individual brand slot machine with increasing variations of payline offered during play. At times, they can be seen posted on websites or even included in the software itself.

International Technical Standards for Electronic Gaming Machines

The International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR) Technical Standards Subcommittee (TSC), a multi-jurisdictional team, has identified and established a common set of aims and principles for the effective operation of electronic gaming machines (EGMs).    

The TSC recognizes a set of technical standards for EGMs that are commonly used by IAGR’s (International Association of Gaming Regulators) members. Such standards include security, reliability and integrity of the gaming software and hardware; accuracy in player displays, meters, PAR sheets and gaming information; and randomness of RNG.  

The IAGR e-Gambling Guidelines can be viewed in full by following this link here!

Final Word

Knowing the regulations that govern our gambling games today is essential for any player who wants to play like pro. It is important that we are aware of such laws so that future hassles with attorneys or regulatory bodies are avoided at all cost. This will ensure that the overall gaming experience is well within legally restricted laws, making it safe and secure beyond fun and exciting at the same time.