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Elvis the King Lives Slot

Elvis the King Lives is a video slot game inspired by the late Elvis Presley himself. By playing this 11 reel and 80 payline video slot game, you will be transported into the 1960s rock and roll music era. Unlike other video slot games, the reel layout of the slot game is 2 X 2 and 3 X 6. When you first play Elvis the Kings, the layout may confuse you, but as you play, you will understand the game’s layout better.

For instance, in order to make a winning combination, you require two adjacent and identical symbols on one or more reels with the same symbol or a wild on the first reel. The main symbols in the video slot game include the blue suede shoes and the guitar. You can earn five games free of cost and have your money returned to you by matching four symbols on the middle or the first four reels or get three records on the last three reels.

To win 20 free games and a 100X your bet, you will need to match the records and the bonus symbol at the same time. While you try your luck at winning, you can listen to the King’s hit songs.